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     The company formerly known as Suzhou Jiewei Automobile Technology Co. Ltd., founded in 1995. Is the first domestic automobile manufacturers and equipment research and development laboratory, deputy director of the unit committee China aids industry association of automobile maintenance equipment of automobile teaching, Chinese automobile industry standard drafting unit mainly aids.
The company is located in the economically developed Yangtze River Delta city of Suzhou, 1800m and 1200m of the plant fand fand office building. Located in Suzhou hi tech Development Zone and scenic area Huqiu road.
As the first domestic automobile teaching equipment manufacturers, the company began developing and manufacturing of the whole experimental training equipment for automotive electronic control technology as the core of the 97 years from the National hundreds of universities and colleges of automotive laboratory and training center.
In 2004 TOYOTA became the T-TEP project for aid manufacturers, automotive teaching experimental equipment for China 34 T-TEP schools, and FAW Toyota Corporation jointly apply for the Chinese invention patent (Certificate No. 878482902091st).
     In 2001 the company changed its name to Suzhou Jiewei teaching equipment Co. Ltd., and involved in the rail traffic engineering experimental teaching training equipment R & D and production, the development of rail transportation, rail train operation teaching system and training system of experimental station, including AFC real Metro AFC system, CCTV monitoring system and stop issuing & recovery mechanism module experiment table, gate experiment table, air conditioning and other types of experimental assembly experimental station.
     The first company in the domestic public AJR engine test bench to get the results of the Ministry of education certificate and the Education Department of Jiangsu Province, the two prize of honor, "ABS platform" was selected as the Suzhou cooperation factory will be excellent project and Suzhou science and Technology Progress Award for research project. And as companies involved in the drafting of the main unit, completed the preparation of the development of automobile industry China AIDS production standards.
     The company was founded more than and 10 years has been for the more than and 600 National College of automobile laboratory and the world famous automobile manufacturers to provide products, users across the Chinese the four corners of the world.

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